I need to get better at these…

I am conflicted about how to come across this medium. A part of me wants to share things I have learnt in recent times, deep thoughts, almost like a learning on the go journal with those who would be interested enough to read. Another part of me wants to keep things silly and fun. I’ll see if I can strike a balance between the “conflicted-growing-artists” and “the beeds”.

In any case, I’ve committed to sending these newsletters out around once a month. They’ll typically have a collection of news updates, posts of new work / upcoming projects, hopefully something you can benefit from like a location / technique, and will conclude with a few thoughts so that I hope I can start engaging in deeper dialogue with your help and help me figure life out a little better.


  • I turned 27, and I realize I’m getting older, but I feel that I’ve been putting my life to use.

  • I launched my first photo tour of 2019 on January 31st. I only have a handful happening until before Ramadan, so I suggest booking while you can!

  • I gave a talk at the UAE’s Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi, talking about the “Reflections” exhibition that’s going on till end of June, and kick started the spotlight talk at GPP’s Photoweek this year! I had a workshop towards the end of February with the ADCF, with another coming up in June (I know, shoot me pls). If you’re interested in coming to the one in June, sign up here.

  • Did an 8 day trip to Oman, mostly just cause I wanted a solo trip / break. The other was to start truly discovering the middle east and what it had to offer. What better way to start with our friendly neighborhood Oman? <3 I made a short cinematic video about the sights and places I’ve been to and in the description talk about how important being alone throughout this trip was for me. If you’re interested in checking it out, video is below! (and lemme know what you think!)

  • Myself and my good friend Miral (the girl who started Wander.ae FYI!) aired on French public television!!! Super cool tiny episode regarding the Island’s of Abu Dhabi. Naturally when it came to Shuweihat, we had to be present! IF anyone speaks French, let me know if whats being said makes sense!!!

OKAY, now here’s some good bits for you for sticking this long.

Every month, I’ll be doing my best to teach something quick and easy to learn on these posts.

For now, I’ll share 2 of my favorite locations to go shoot (I’ll give you the pin mark, but it’s completely up to you to learn the best timings and explore the surrounding areas) as well as a list of essential apps I use on my phone to edit.

  • Al Qudra (https://goo.gl/maps/e2ekEW5NQwG2)

    • This spot is super nice for sunrise, if you’re lucky, you’ll get some hot air balloons rising in the distance too! The place is totally accessible even for sedan cars.

  • Fossil Dunes (https://goo.gl/maps/7fRoYSrv6Uu)

    • For those closer to Abu Dhabi, very interesting clusters of calcified dunes make for a unique landscape. Sunrise, sunsets are recommended here, especially trying to land a sunstar in between one of the formation’s openings. Sedan can reach here easily too, just make sure you stay on the marked paths!

Ok. Thats if for now. Hoping these come out monthly, with content worth sharing, and thanks for reading till the end!