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1- Please paste the link of the image with a "," in between if you are requesting multiple prints. 2- Please select the type of material(s) you'd like to have it printed on. *NOTE: If requesting multiple prints, please specify which print you'd like printed with which material/size in the "Message" box below. **NOTE: Paper Prints do not include frames, however Canvas does. If you'd like your photo framed, please mention it in the "Message" box below and I will quote based on request.
Premium Luster Paper
Top Quality Photo Paper. Would recommend if requesting multiple prints.
Fine Art Paper
Top Quality Fine Art Paper. Would typically recommend this one if you want the most out of your print.
Top Quality Canvas Material / Framing. Would recommend for center piece.
Feeling specific? Let me know in the "Message" box below!
Let me know if you'd like something specific!